Comic Con Revolution, the second annual event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach Florida on March 2nd & 3rd, 2019, is proud to have a full slate of programming spanning over 45 hours. Much like the exhibit floor and guest list, the programming schedule is an exciting part of what makes any event a 'must attend' and an unforgettable experience. The diversity of the programming includes something special for all who attend.

Room 1DE:
Your Favorite Adaptations & Licensed Properties
Hosted by Matthew Melnyk. Featuring Greg Kirkpatrick, Larry Watts, Karl Moline.
Saturday 3/2 11:00am, 1DE
Greg Kirkpatrick (Rick & Morty), Larry Watts (Evil Dead 2) and Karl Moline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) discuss working on some of the most iconic licensed properties in the industry. Q & A to follow!
Archie & The Gang Turn 80!
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Joe Eisma, Elliot Fernandez, Frank Tieri.
Saturday 3/2 12:00pm, 1DE
Joe Eisma (Archie), Elliott Fernandez (Riverdale, Jughead) and Frank Tieri (Jughead: The Hunger) talk about their experiences working on iconic characters that are celebrating their 80th year in print! Q & A to follow.
The State of the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes
Hosted by Dr. Alex Wainer. Featuring Dr. Thom Parham, Gene Hoyle.
Saturday 3/2 1:00pm, 1DE
With Aquaman hitting over a billion dollar box office, is there hope for the struggling DC film franchise? Will Marvel continue to roll over DC at the movies with three films this year? Debate the state of the warring universes with Dr. Alex Wainer of Palm Beach Atlantic University, Dr. Thom Parham of Azusa Pacific University and comics writer Gene Hoyle.
New Warriors 30th Anniversary
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Fabian Nicieza.
Saturday 3/2 2:00pm, 1DE
Chris Arrant (Newsarama) shines a spotlight on the New Warriors for its 30th Anniversary, and talks to Fabian Nicieza about the comic series and upcoming television show. Q & A to follow!
Comic Creation From A-Z
Hosted by Juan Navarro. Featuring Frank Tieri, Greg Land, Chris Eliopoulos.
Saturday 3/2 3:00pm, 1DE
Creating a monthly comic involves a lot of people with different talents! Join writer Frank Tieri (Harley Quinn), artist Greg Land (Uncanny X-Men) and letterer Chris Eliopoulos (Savage Dragon) as they discuss working with teams and independently to make those monthly deadlines! Q& A to follow.
Lip Sync in Cosplay Royale
Hosted by AMPdUzi.
Saturday 3/2 4:00pm, 1DE
This panel welcomes Cosplayers to participate and enjoy a Battle of Lip Syncing Cosplayers! Contestants will go through 3 rounds of Lip Syncing for the BEST Lip Sync Cosplayer of the Night! We want to see your character in the performance, and a boat load of stage presence. SHOW YOUR BEST BUT ALWAYS HAVE FUN! (PG-13 Please)
Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest presented by Capital One Cafe
Hosted by Presented by Capital One Café & Hosted by Ming Chen. Featuring Angi Viper, Murderdoll Ivy, SSGoshin4.
Saturday 3/2 6:00pm, 1DE
Time to put on your cape and hat, or your armor, or whatever youre into! Cosplayers from all around Florida will have the opportunity to compete for cash & prizes in our 2nd annual Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest presented by Capital One Cafe! Hosted by Ming Chen, with special guest judges Angi Viper, Murderdoll Ivy and SSGoshin4. Our contest features a $500 cash prize for Best in Show, plus limited edition Comic Con Revolution medals for each category. Prizes will be awarded in the categories of Best in Show, Best Male, Best Female, Best Duo or Group, Best Kids. Online registration is closed but you can pre-register at the show before 4pm at the Treasure Coast Cosplayers
Who Loves Harley Quinn?
Hosted by Matthew Melnyk. Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Frank Tieri, Elliott Fernandez.
Sunday 3/3 12:00pm, 1DE
From Joker's sidekick to main villain, Harley Quinn has come into her own as one of DC's best characters. Harley Quinn artists Amanda Conner and Elliott Fernandez are joined by Harley Quinn writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri to talk about what makes Daddy's Li'l Monster such an enduring and fun character 27 years after her first appearance.
The History & Future of X-Men
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Fabian Nicieza, Ed Brisson, Chris Claremont.
Sunday 3/3 1:00pm, 1DE
The X-Men have been around for 56 years, and in this panel hosted by Chris Arrant we take a look back at their history and look forward into their future with the professionals who have contributed (and are still contributing) to their legacy. Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza, and Ed Brisson discuss the history and future of the X-Men!
Developing Your Own Artistic Style
Hosted by Juan Navarro. Featuring Karl Moline, Jeff Dekal, Megan Hutchison, Megan Krahe.
Sunday 3/3 2:00pm, 1DE
Join Karl Moline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Jeff Dekal (Iron Fist), Megan Hutchison (Rockstars) and Megan Krahe (photo-realism) as they discuss their artistic influences and how they came into their own unique art styles. Q & A to follow!
The Power of Diversity & Sexual Representation in Comics
Hosted by Mr. AnderSiN. Featuring TBD.
Sunday 3/3 3:00pm, 1DE
Join Mr. AnderSiN and a panel of creators who have sought out escape in comics and found representation of who they are within those pages. This panel will explore representation and the importance of diversity & sexual representation in comics and how comics are the on the front lines of social movements for equality.
Developing Your Own Writing Style
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Jimmy Palmiotti, Peter Rawlik, Donny Cates, Steve Horton.
Sunday 3/3 4:00pm, 1DE
Jimmy Palmiotti (Killing Time in America), Josh Strnad (Pantheon), Donny Cates (Venom) and Steve Horton (Amala's Blade, Satellite Falling) discuss their different writing styles and how to find your own distinctive voice while writing various characters. Q & A to follow.
Room 1F:
Interactive LED Saber Battle Choreography Workshop
Hosted by Cole Hemp. Featuring SaberCraft Knights (2 on Stage Instructors, 1 A/V specialist, 2 Security Knights, 1 Head of Waivers, approx. 8 Knight Assistants).
Saturday 3/2 11:00am, 1F
Bring out your inner hero/villain as you join the SaberCraft Knights for a workshop on learning how to use LED Sabers. Whether you call them Ultrasabers, stunt sabers, or lightsabers, this workshop puts a saber in your hand and lets you get in the role of the hero/villain you want to be. This is a kid-friendly, all-ages workshop as everything is choreography. With pumping music and dim lighting, this experience will set the stage for you to learn how to fight and flow with a saber. This workshop is to learn choreography fighting basics to take your cosplay/acting skills to the next level. Whether you want to sit back and watch or jump in the action, this will be one of the most unique experiences you'll ever have at any con you've ever attended. I
Is Kickstarter the New Self-Publishing?
Hosted by Matthew Melnyk. Featuring Kevin Joseph, Jimmy Palmiotti, Walter Ostlie.
Saturday 3/2 12:30pm, 1F
Ever thought about what goes into a successful crowdfunding campaign? Find out from the best, Jimmy Palmiotti, Walter Ostlie and Kevin Joseph discuss the behind-the-scenes process of their own successful campaigns.
Folklore, Religion & the Supernatural in Comics
Featuring Bohdan Neswiacheny & Andrea Lorenzo Molinari.
Saturday 3/2 1:30pm, 1F
Join writer/creators Bohdan Neswiacheny ( “Blackbird” & “The Morning Star”) and Andrea Lorenzo Molinari (“The Shepherd”) as they explore the historical roots of the use of sequential art to address supernatural, spiritual and religious themes. They will also highlight and discuss some examples of how comic book creators are employing these themes today.
Sexy or Sexualized? How Comics are Drawn
Hosted by Drew Seldin. Featuring Amanda Conner, Jeff Dekal, Angi Viper.
Saturday 3/2 2:30pm, 1F
Comic Con Revolution's Drew Seldin delves into the controversial topic with artists Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn), Marvel cover artist Jeff Dekal, and cosplayer Angi Viper to get their take on the subject. Q & A to follow!
Talking Deadpool with Fabian Nicieza
Hosted by Matthew Melnyk. Featuring Fabian Nicieza.
Saturday 3/2 3:30pm, 1F
Deadpool co-ceator Fabian Nicieza talks about your favorite anti-hero! Q &A to follow.
Stan Lee Tribute
Hosted by Tommy Walker. Featuring Chris Claremont, Ming Chen, Fabian Nicieza, Greg Horn.
Saturday 3/2 4:30pm, 1F
Hear from some of Comic Con Revolution's most esteemed guests, Chris Claremont, Fabian Nicieza, Greg Horn and Ming Chen as they give tribute to the man who influenced and inspired generations of comic book creators, and talk about his lasting legacy. Moderated by Tommy Walker.
How to Break Into Comics
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Patrick Broderick, Joe Eisma, Nick Bradshaw.
Sunday 3/3 11:30am, 1F
Curious about how to break into comics? Is there more to it than showing your portfolio at cons, or running a Kickstarter? Find out from veteran professionals Patrick Broderick (Batman: Year 3), Joe Eisma (Morning Glories) and Nick Bradshaw (Marvel cover artist) as host Chris Arrant asks the tough questions that will hopefully lead you down the path to enlightenment!
Batman Nerd Trivia
Hosted by LG2 cosplay. Featuring Agent Venom.
Sunday 3/3 12:30pm, 1F
Test your knowledge of all things Batman during this Nerd Trvia panel hosted By Treasure Coast Cosplayers, LG2 Cosplay and Agent Venom!
Patriotism in Superhero Comics
Hosted by Matthew Melnyk. Featuring Allen Bellman, Mike Perkins.
Sunday 3/3 1:30pm, 1F
Today more than ever it seems like patriotism in comics is a subject worth discussing. Artists Allen Bellman (Captain America Comics 1941-1949) and Mike Perkins (Captain America 2005-2008) talk about patriotism's roots in comics and how it has continued to play an important role to this day.
The Popularity of Horror
Hosted by Chris Arrant. Featuring Peter Rawlik, Larry Watts.
Sunday 3/3 2:30pm, 1F
Everyone loves a good horror story! There are many different kinds of horror though, so let's discuss which ones you think are the best! Lovecraft expert and horror writer Peter Rawlik is joined by artist Larry Watts (Evil Dead 2) to lead an open discussion with the audience on what makes horror one of the most popular genre's.
Post-Con Depression, Go Away!
Hosted by AMPdUzi.
Sunday 3/3 3:30pm, 1F
Post-Con Depression (PCD), everyone goes through it but you don’t have to alone. As the convention ends we pack up and say our goodbyes. Let’s join together for one last Hurrah! Learn about PCD and how to cope, what to do waiting for the next convention, and the acceptance that the chaos will start up all over again. We will share what we cherish about CCR, moments we loved and about people we met. Just one last fun event to miss when it’s all over. But Hey! We shared some smiles!
Room 1HI: Presents How to Produce, and Promote Your Self Made Comic Books while Building your Brand
Hosted by Mr. AnderSiN. Featuring TBD.
Saturday 3/2 10:30am, 1HI
Join Mr. AnderSiN and his guests for the one panel you will need to learn the ins and outs of creating, promoting, branding and selling your self-published comic books. Q&A to follow, so bring your questions!
Foam Smithing 101 with LG2 Cosplay
Hosted by Leonard Gibson AKA LG2Cosplay.
Saturday 3/2 12:00pm, 1HI
LG2Cosplay discusses how to build props and armor with EVA foam.
Intro to Cosplay For Parents
Hosted by Murderdoll Ivy.
Saturday 3/2 1:00pm, 1HI
Cosplayer Murderdoll Ivy introduces parents to the cosplay world and conventions, and provides tips on how to protect underage cosplayers at cons and over social media.
Garfle Warfle Snick! A Voltron Trivia Panel
Hosted by Paladin Mabel.
Saturday 3/2 2:00pm, 1HI
Are you a fan of Voltron? Do you have extensive Voltron knowledge? Then put your skills to the test with this interactive trivia panel! We will have trivia questions from the original Voltron, a look at Voltron Force, and of course, Voltron: Legendary Defender. Regardless of your knowledge of Voltron, it is sure to be a fun and interesting time. Beware: there will be spoilers!
Dawson Digital Art School Part 1
Hosted by Cedrick Dawson.
Saturday 3/2 3:00pm, 1HI
Cedrick Dawson introduces the Dawson Digital Art School! In Part 1 of this 2-part series, Cedrick discusses what programs are offered and what the advantages are of taking a course. If you've thought about learning digital art, either as an adult or for your child, then check out this informational panel to see if it's for you!
Comics In The Classroom
Hosted by Mr. AnderSiN. Featuring Nicole Jobin.
Saturday 3/2 4:00pm, 1HI
Join Nicole Jobin , Mr. AnderSiN and other creators for a sit-down as they talk about the value of adding comics into the classroom. Nicole, a teacher, has watched students come alive because of comics and Mr. AnderSiN owes his ability to read to comics. Join them to learn why comics are the ultimate gateway to encouraging reluctant readers in the classroom.
Cosplay Building 101, Part A: Sewing Costumes
Hosted by Anna Appstolides- Fisher. Featuring Crystal Damato.
Saturday 3/2 5:00pm, 1HI
Join Cosplay Therapy for an in-depth look at sewing costumes and building props! Part A on 3/2/2019: Sewing costumes- Anna will talk about the basics of sewing and give a brief explanation of how a sewing machine works, what supplies you will need, how to read a pattern, choose your fabrics, adding notions and embellishments as well as other advanced sewing techniques. Part B on 3/3/2019: Building Props- Crystal will go over what you need to know in order to start building your very own props and armour at home. She will go over a list of tools, materials, safety guidelines, and more! Crystal will also give instruction on how to properly sand, heat and paint foam and other building materials, as well as how to correctly proportion your prop for
For the Love of Comics!
Featuring Juan Navarro.
Sunday 3/3 12:00pm, 1HI
Join Juan Navarro (Creature Entertianment) and participate in a discussion on why people love comics and what makes them so awesome!
Cosplay Building 101, Part B: Building Props
Hosted by Anna Appstolides- Fisher. Featuring Crystal Damato.
Sunday 3/3 1:00pm, 1HI
Join Cosplay Therapy for an in-depth look at sewing costumes and building props! Part A on 3/2/2019: Sewing costumes- Anna will talk about the basics of sewing and give a brief explanation of how a sewing machine works, what supplies you will need, how to read a pattern, choose your fabrics, adding notions and embellishments as well as other advanced sewing techniques. Part B on 3/3/2019: Building Props- Crystal will go over what you need to know in order to start building your very own props and armour at home. She will go over a list of tools, materials, safety guidelines, and more! Crystal will also give instruction on how to properly sand, heat and paint foam and other building materials, as well as how to correctly proportion your prop for
Cosplaying as a Minority
Hosted by Murderdoll Ivy.
Sunday 3/3 2:00pm, 1HI
Join cosplayer Murderdoll Ivy to discuss what's appropriate when you cosplay a character outside your race, gender, height, size, etc.
Dawson Digital Art School Part 2
Hosted by Cedrick Dawson.
Sunday 3/3 3:00pm, 1HI
In Part 2 of Dawson Digital Art School's introduction, Cedrick Dawso delves into a sampling of classes that are offered through his school. If you're still on the fence or missed Part one on 3/2/2019, this is your chance! Cedrick will walk the audience through examples of concept art and animation, an opportunity not to be missed!
Everyday Costuming
Hosted by Queen Pili.
Sunday 3/3 4:00pm, 1HI
Join Queen Pili from Florida Cosplay Org on how to incorporate costume and cosplay items into everyday wardrobe. From adding jewelry and accessories to making costume patterns into street clothes.
Room 1JK:
GeekFest Favs
Saturday 3/2 10:30am, 1JK
NarcoLeap (15 minutes), Paleonaught (16 inutes), Rise of the Catwoman (13 minutes), and Deadpool the Musical (13 minutes)
GeekFest Comedy Block
Saturday 3/2 11:30am, 1JK
Portrait of a SuperHero (14 minutes), Gryphon Amino (11 minutes), Hot N Nerdy (15 minutes), Little Man of Steel (10 minutes), Dark Specter (10 minutes)
GeekFest Star Wars Fan Films
Saturday 3/2 12:30pm, 1JK
Prop Wars: Prop Harder (6 minutes), Star Wars: Dresca (7 minutes), One Day I'll Become (12 minutes), LightSaber Maker (12 minutes), Star Wars Dark Legacy (12 minutes)
GeekFest Sci-Fi Block
Saturday 3/2 1:30pm, 1JK
The Indies (6 minutes), Live (13 minutes), CC (14 minutes), Shipment (25 minutes)
Ghost Hunting 101
Hosted by Marla Burns. Featuring War Party Paranormal.
Saturday 3/2 2:30pm, 1JK
Join this introduction to War Party Paranormal and find out who they are, how they conduct a paranormal investigation and why!
Spotlight on Creator Owned Comics
Hosted by Juan Navarro. Featuring Megan Hutchison, Ed Brisson, Sergio Cariello, Steve Horton, Donny Cates.
Saturday 3/2 3:30pm, 1JK
The opportunities for creator-owned books to be published has expanded over the course of the last decade and there are more options than ever before. Join Megan Hutchison (Image's Rockstars), Ed Brisson (Image's SHELTERED, THE FIELD, THE MANTLE and THE VIOLENT), Donny Cates (Image's God Country), Sergio Cariello (David Cook Publishing's The Action Bible) and Steve Horton (Dark Horse's Amala's Blade, IDW's Satellite Falling) to discuss the pro's and con's of taking your project out. Q & A to follow.
Mega Brawl Stars LIVE!
Hosted by Anthony Ritch. Featuring John Malec, Mike Grinstad.
Saturday 3/2 4:30pm, 1JK
Welcome to MEGA BRAWL STARS LIVE! The game where YOU decided the combatants and help decide the winner! Join the crowd as two fighters are chosen, rally others to your side by explaining why your champion would be victorious, and may the best Brawl Star WIN!
Comics in Media & Entertainment
Hosted by Angi Viper. Featuring Ming Chen, Tommy Walker, Peter Shinkoda.
Sunday 3/3 11:30am, 1JK
Comic book characters in TV and movies have never been more popular. Hosted by Angi Viper, join actors Ming Chen (Comic Book Men, A Shared Universe PodcaSTudio), Tommy Walker (Nickelodeon's Henry Danger, Netflix's Daredevil) and Peter Shinkoda (Netflix's Daredevil, The Predator) as they discuss how it feels to be a part of bringing comic books to a wider mainstream audience via their roles.
Cartooning for All Ages
Hosted by Drew Seldin. Featuring Chris Eliopoulos, Sergio Cariello, Ralph Cabrera.
Sunday 3/3 12:30pm, 1JK
Join Chris Eliopoulos (Ordinary People Change the World), Ralph Cabrera (Adventures of the X-Men) and Sergio Cariello (The Action Bible) as they discuss the appeal and satisfaction of cartooning for young and old alike. Q & A to follow!
Ghost Hunting 102
Hosted by Marla Burns. Featuring War Party Paranormal.
Sunday 3/3 1:30pm, 1JK
War Party Pranormal dives into the good stuff and gives an equipment overview, and discusses how they review evidence and how they determine what's real versus fake. A can't miss conclusion to their first panel!
Giant Robot Costumes with Uberscosplay
Featuring Bennie Albert & Shirley Delvalle.
Sunday 3/3 2:30pm, 1JK
This panel will introduce you to the basics of planning, design and construction of a giant robot costume, armor or oversized prop. Hosted by internationally awarded cosplayer Uberscosplay.
How to Start Your Nerdy Business
Hosted by Anna Appstolides- Fisher.
Sunday 3/3 3:30pm, 1JK
Whether you want to start selling your handmade wares, or give a product a Nerdy twist, this panel will help you on your way to starting your very own Nerdy Business! Get a comprehensive look into what is required for creating your business identity, your brand identity, and your social media presence. You will hear about examples of other businesses and have a chance to ask questions and get feedback on your idea or start-up. If you are a business-owner and are looking for ways to expand your circle of influence, this panel will also talk about networking, promotions and content building.