Comic Con Revolution, the first annual event at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach Florida on February 24th, 2018, is proud to have a full slate of programming spanning over 30 hours. Much like the exhibit floor and guest list, the programming schedule is an exciting part of what makes any event a 'must attend' and an unforgettable experience. The diversity of the programming includes something special for all who attend. Take a look for yourself!

Room 1DE:
Spotlight on Richard Starkings
Richard Starkings
Saturday 2/24 11:30am, 1DE
He's got one of the latest comic book properties on the way to Hollywood in Elephantmen. Find out how Richard Starkings went from putting letters in comic books to his own stories.
Spotlight on Chris Claremont
Chris Claremont & Tommy Walker
Saturday 2/24 1:30pm, 1DE
He's the writer who created beloved Marvel characters such as characters, such as Rogue, Psylocke, Shadowcat, Phoenix, Mystique, Lady Mastermind, Emma Frost, Siryn, Jubilee, Rachel Summers, Madelyne Pryor, Sabretooth, Strong Guy, Mister Sinister, Captain Britain, and Gambit. He's also the icon who penned the legendary Dark Phonenix saga and Days of Future past in comics. Chris Claremont does a special Q&A at Comic Con Revolution in a can't miss event for comic book fans hosted by Netflix's Daredevil cast member Tommy Walker.
Dom, the Don, and DaVinci a Q&A with Carlos Ferro
Carlos Ferro & Drew Seldin
Saturday 2/24 2:30pm, 1DE
A live Ask Me Anything with Carlos Ferro. With a career that spans Gears of War, Godfather, Assassins Creed, Star Trek and more; fans will get a chance to ask the actor/voice actor all about some of the most influential properties in pop culture.
Spotlight on Greg Land
Greg Land & David Nieves
Saturday 2/24 3:30pm, 1DE
Shop Talk with Frank Tieri, Dave Johnson & Billy Tucci
Frank Tieri, Dave Johnson & Billy Tucci & David Nieves
Saturday 2/24 4:30pm, 1DE
The writer of Harley Quinn and the artists of Shi and of all 100 Bullets covers discuss their experiences in the industry, finding your niche with like-minded friends and answer questions about life and the meaning of the universe!
Spotlight on Ming Chen
Ming Chen & David Nieves
Saturday 2/24 5:30pm, 1DE
Spotlight on Ming ChenFrom comic book store employee to TV sensation, hear how Ming Chen has taken his love of comics and pop culture to new levels and what his most memorable moments from AMC's Comic Book Men are.
Cosplay Revolution Costume Contest
Hosted by Comic Book Men's Ming Chen
Saturday 2/24 7:00pm, 1DE
Join host Ming Chen for the first annual Cosplay Revolution Cosplay Contest. Winners in a variety of categories will be chosen by our panel of judges. Prizes, including a $500 cash grand prize, will be awarded.
Room 1F:
Latinx in Comics
Vanesa Del Rey & Juan Navarro
Saturday 2/24 11:00am, 1F
Join Juan Navarro of Creature Entertainment as he discusses breaking into comics and doing comics as a career with Cuban artist Vanesa Del Rey (REDLANDS, SCARLET WITCH, DAREDEVIL ANNUAL)
Comic Art: Influences and Developing a Style
Joe Eisma, Hope Larson, Jeff Dekal
Saturday 2/24 12:00pm, 1F
The pros talk about their early artistic influences and working towards developing your own style. Take a look at some sweet art and talk comics!
World Building Through Comic Book Writing
Kevin Joseph, Walter Ostlie, Ron Marz
Saturday 2/24 1:00pm, 1F
Got a story to tell? How about a universe worth of stories? Find out what goes into starting a story with one character and leaving it with infinite tales to tell.
Doctor Who 2017 - Year in Review
Mollee B Marcus, RuthAnn Thompson & Mark Baumgarten
Saturday 2/24 2:00pm, 1F
2017 was the last year of the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and what a ride it was. Join MarkWHO42s Mark Baumgarten and a panel of fans as they discuss Series 10 and the Christmas Special Twice Upon a Time!
What Makes Good Horror Moments: It Takes Guts!
Sandy King Carpenter, Adam Troy Castro, Peter Rawlik
Saturday 2/24 3:00pm, 1F
Sandy King Carpenter continues to push the boundaries of the horror genre through Storm King Productions, publishing books such as John Carpenter's Asylum and Tales For a Halloween Night. Adam-Troy Castro has published 12 books and almost 80 short stories featuring science fiction/fantasy and horror and has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Stoker. Pete Rawlik has been active in all things Lovecraftian since his father read him "The Rats in the Walls" when he was a child as a bedtime story. For more than two decades he has run Dead Ink, selling rare and unusual books. His two novels, Reanimators and The Weird Company, were both published by Night Shade Books. Join them to discuss what makes good horror moments!
Screenplay Structure: The Mighty Marvel Way
Dr. Thomas Parham
Saturday 2/24 4:00pm, 1F
Feature films based on DC and Marvel superheroes have become box office juggernauts. Dr. Thomas Parhamwhose production credits include JAG, Touched by an Angel, and Big Brother Jakewill break down the structure of Iron Man as a means of explaining the phenomenal success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Growing a YouTube Channel
Alyss Ferrer & Freddy Snyder
Saturday 2/24 5:00pm, 1F
Are you thinking of starting a Youtube channel and feeling a little lost? Or did you start your channel but youre feeling like something isnt working? Well, we might be able to help! Well go over some of the things that have helped us succeed and well talk about some of the free tools that are out there for creators to use that help you keep track of how your videos are doing. Well also go over some of the equipment that creators should own when creating channels and the importance of treating your channel like a business.
AfterShock Comics
Stephan Nilson
Saturday 2/24 6:00pm, 1F
Join AfterShock's Publishing Operations Manager, Stephan Nilson, as he gives the exciting lowdown on what's coming up through AfterShock Comics!
Room 1HI:
The State of the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes
Salvatore Ciano, Thomas Parham & Alex Wainer
Saturday 2/24 11:00am, 1HI
Marvel's movies march on--Can DC's catch up? We'll discuss the state of the MCU after Thor: Ragnarok and before The Avenger: Infinity Wars, and the DC Extended Universe after Justice League.
Con Survival for the Introvert, Shy, and/or Anxious
EvillyWicked Cosplay, DarleneCosplays, and PikaPoolVince
Saturday 2/24 12:00pm, 1HI
Are you a shy soul, an introvert or socially anxious? Same! And we want to help you survive your convention experience with our own tips and experiences that we have used, so you know they are tested and true. We understand you and want to make your con experience as comfortable as possible while having fun. Extroverts are also welcome to join this panel to better understand what their friends may be dealing with, and how to help them cope.
The Monster Panel: Black Panther and Black Sci-Fi
Troy Brenier, Keith Wade, Alyah Standford & Jeff Carroll
Saturday 2/24 1:00pm, 1HI
The Monster panel is a panel of writers and creators discussing hot subjects in the world of comic books and science fiction. Produced and moderated by Jeff Carroll writer and filmmaker.
Ghost Hunting 101 with War Party Paranormal
Tim Yancy, John Zap Aderholt, Michele Bauer, Robb Demarest, Chessy Lane & Marla Scottie Burns
Saturday 2/24 2:00pm, 1HI
Did you ever wonder if ghosts are real? Get answers and real discussion with West Palm Beach's own War Party Paranormal. We'll show you the latest equipment that's available anywhere and show you some of the great evidence that we've collected. Learn the ins and outs of how an investigation works. We will cover everything from client care to historical research and evidence review.
Social Media and Cosplay
Soni Aralynn & Danielle DeNicola
Saturday 2/24 4:00pm, 1HI
You've put all that time towards transforming yourself into your favorite character. Now how do you get people to see it? Some of the most active cosplayers around will tell you how to build a following using the power of social media.
Sci-Fi Saturday's with Keith C Wade: The Ultimate Edition
Gary Wright, Crystal Chanel, Jo Marie Payton & Keith C Wade
Saturday 2/24 5:00pm, 1HI
A live podcast edition of the popular interactive talk show with a entertaining flare as the panelists discuss all things Geek, with special guest panelists tv icon Jo Marie Payton (Family Matters, The Proud Family).
Cafe Talk – Stories
Corissa Glasheen, Britani Farley, Laura Diaz & Megan Wilson
Saturday 2/24 6:00pm, 1HI
Come join us and lets figure out together what makes a story grab on to you or what makes it ageless. Bring coffee or tea and a notebook.
Room 1JK:
How To Run a Successful Kickstarter or Patreon
Kevin Joseph, Walter Ostlie & Travis Hanson
Saturday 2/24 11:30am, 1JK
Creating comics has never been easier to do, but how can you get people to support your vision. Find out the best ways to use crowdfunding and the must avoid dangers of self-publishing.
How To Create Your Comic From A-Z
Allison C.M., George Amaru, Bohdan Neswiacheny & Gene Hoyle
Saturday 2/24 12:30pm, 1JK
Taking the leap from fan to creator can be daunting. Nerd Nation Publishing wants to make it easier for you! Learn about finding a creative team, printing your book, and much more.This interactive panel will pave the way for your career in comics.
Hitting the Road
Juan Navarro
Saturday 2/24 1:30pm, 1JK
Hitting the Road is about doing the convention circuit, large and small and doing your best to not only sell on the road, but to take advantage of doing all the awesome conventions that are out there! Juan Navarro, Creature Entertainment EIC, does over 20 major shows a year and makes a living off it, and will talk about the ins and outs, pitfalls, and glories that you can get hitting the road full time!
How To Create Cosplay
Crystal & Anna
Saturday 2/24 2:30pm, 1JK
We will go over the basics of cosplay sewing and prop making. We will cover how to choose your materials, how to take proper measurements, basic construction and assembly tips and and tricks. We will be able to answer questions as well as show off some of our most recent builds and commissions.
Armored Bots
Carlos Soto & Michael Koung
Saturday 2/24 3:30pm, 1JK
Presenting an exclusive preview of ARMORED BOTS from Hero Hype Con! Machines vs mankind, Armored Bots are built to save disasters but the new war has begun...
How To Get Published or Self Publish
Travis Hanson, Shawn Martinbrough, Ron Marz & Juan Navarro
Saturday 2/24 4:30pm, 1JK
Want to make comics? Want to publish comics? You've heard it before: now is the best time to be making your own comics. Find out how making and publishing are two different things in this Q&A session with Juan Navarro, Editor in Chief of Creature Entertainment, along with other special guests who will talk about how they successfully created and published their own work. They will answer your questions on the nuts and bolts, including the tough stuff like finding the right collaborators, self-promotion, and more!
The Monster Panel: Star Wars & Star Trek
Troy Brenier, Keith Wade, Alyah Standford & Jeff Carroll
Saturday 2/24 5:30pm, 1JK
The Monster panel is a panel of writers and creators discussing hot subjects in the world of comic books and science fiction. Produced and moderated by Jeff Carroll writer and filmmaker.