May 20, 2018

Stan Sakai, the acclaimed cartoonist and creator of Usagi Yojimbo, is the recipient of the inaugural Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award. The announcement was made on Saturday May 19 at a ceremony at the second annual Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA. The Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award is designed to recognize outstanding comic book creators who exemplify both Joe Kuberts artistic talent and his commitment to nurturing the comic book community... Read More!!


May 19, 2018


Advance ticket holders (people who have tickets right now): You can pick up your wristbands and prints as early as 7am. You can also get on the show floor at 9am.

Non advance ticket holders (people who need tickets):
We start selling tickets today at 10am and the show floor for you opens today at 10am

Ticket prices are as follows:

Weekend Adult (ages 18+) $45.00
Weekend Teen Ticket (Ages 13-17) $35.00
Saturday Adult Ticket (Ages 18+) $30.00
Saturday Teen Ticket (Ages 13-17) $24
Sunday Adult Ticket (Ages 18+) $25.00
Sunday Teen Ticket (Ages 13-17) $20.00
Child Ticket (3-12) Free


May 18, 2018

(You can still get them at the door on Saturday and Sunday)

This is it! Finally the wait is over and Comic Con Revolution is tomorrow!! You have till tonight at 11:59pm to order your tickets online and save $5. After tonight you will not get the free print, plus you'll have to pay more and you won't get early access to the show floor. So why wait, order your tickets now, save a few bucks and come to one of the best shows in SoCal!!

Note: Advance ticket holders - you can get on the show floor a full hour before everybody else, so come early! If you plan to buy your tickets at the door, ticket sales open at 10am.


May 16, 2018

With just three days left till we open our doors to thousands of guests, we wanted to take a second and try and answer some questions and help everybody out.

Security & entering the show:
Please adhere to the prop weapons policy in place for Comic Con Revolution. Any realistic guns, metal swords, wooden bats, etc will not be allowed passed the security checkpoint, no exceptions. All Attendees (thats you!) will enter via the South Plaza after going through the security checkpoint. If you leave the building, you must re-enter through the South Plaza no matter what door you exited.

Ticket pickup:
If you purchased tickets in advance online or at a local comic shop you will proceed to the PICK UP TICKETS section after you pass through the security checkpoint.

If you plan to purchase tickets the day of the show please proceed to the BUY TICKETS section after you pass through the security checkpoint.

Buy now and save:
If you buy your tickets between right now and Friday May 18th at 11:59pm, you will save money. At 12am on the 19th online ticket sales will be off and you will only be able to purchase tickets at the door (Buy Tickets section in the lobby). They will also be more $, so buy now and save!

Show hours:
10:00am (9:00am w/ advance ticket purchase) to 7:00pm on Saturday May 19th
10:00am (9:00am w/ advance ticket purchase) to 5:00pm on Sunday May 20th

Kids are free:
Each paying adult can also get two free tickets for children under 12. All children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. We also offer discounted teen tickets (ages 13-17) on both single day and weekend,

Guests / panels & programing / vendor will be at the show:
This years show is going to be big, very big. We've got nearly 200 guests, 300 vendors and over 100 hours of programing! You can find out more by checking any of these links:

Guest List
Artist Alley List
Exhibitor List
Programing List

Food & Drink:
We do not allow outside food or drink at the show. For your convenience there will be four concession stands open during show hours. Two in the back of the exhibit hall and two in the lobby.


May 14, 2018

Comic Con Revolution Ontario is this week! In just 5 short days we'll have nearly 200 guests for you to meet, over 300 vendors on the floor and 100 plus hours of programing for you to enjoy!! Get your tickets now and save, plus you'll get a free limited print!


May 11, 2018

With an acting career that spans 30 years, actor Sam J. Jones, better known as Flash Gordon, will be joining us at Comic Con Revolution Ontario May 19th & 20th (this weekend!!!) at the Ontario Convention Center!

"I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing Your Story - the impact I've had (or Flash Gordon) has had on you and your family growing up"


May 8, 2018

Iconic comic book artist Joe Kubertand his commitment to teaching the next generation of comic book creatorswill be honored with a major new award and two scholarship programs announced today. The first ever Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award will be awarded at the second annual Comic Con Revolution, to be held May 19 & 20 at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, CA.

The Joe Kubert Distinguished Storyteller Award is designed to recognize outstanding comic book creators who exemplify both Joe Kuberts artistic talent and his commitment to nurturing the comic book community. In addition, the Joe Kubert Future Storyteller Scholarship is being established by Atomic Crush Events for first and second year students of The Kubert School, while the Joe Kubert Jumpstart Project will help graduates begin their career.... READ MORE!!


May 3, 2018

Comic Con Revolution, the Inland Empires only family friendly comic convention (kids 12 and under are free with a paid adult admission) is pleased to announce that cast members of Nickelodeons hit show Henry Danger Jace Norman, Cooper Barnes and Tommy Walker will make their first appearance together at Comic Con Revolution on Sunday May 20, 2018 at 2:00pm.

Jace Norman (Kid Danger) and his crime fighting partner Cooper Barnes (Captain Man) for the past four seasons on Henry Danger, will be sitting down for a discussion and Q&A with fans. Joining them is archenemy and Captain Mans former side kick, Drex, played by Tommy Walker. Together they will explore favorite episodes, moments, adventures and answer questions from fans during their panel, Danger Is My Middle Name. Jace, Cooper and Tommy will also host a signing immediately following the panel.

"Comic book conventions are a wonderland to me and Im always exited to meet the fans and talk with them - cant wait to see everybody there!" said Cooper Barnes.

"I cannot wait to come to Ontario to meet everybody and chat all things comics, Daredevil, Henry Danger and Drex of course!" said Tommy Walker.

Order your advanced tickets now!!


May 1, 2018

You guys have been asking for it and we've been dying to show it off. With over 100 hours of panels spread over two days, this year is packed with something for everybody! We've got panels with legendary comic artists & writers all the way to legendary voice actors from the shows you love. Yes, that's a lot of legends!! That's not all, just take a look at all the panels to help get you into comics, write comics, draw comics and talk comics.

Checkout Comic Con Revolutions programing for May 19th and 20th here!!


April 30, 2018

Time to put on your cape and hat, or your armor, or whatever youre into! Cosplayers from all around Southern California will have the opportunity to compete for cash & prizes in our 2nd annual cosplay competition! Hosted by Ming Chen, with special guest judges Kasia Celeste, Angi Viper and Raychul Moore. Our contest features a $500 cash prize for Best in Show, plus limited edition Comic Con Revolution medals for each category. Prizes will be awarded in the categories of Best Hero, Best Villain, Best Youth, Best Group, Funniest, Best TV/Movie, Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Judges Choice, and Best in Show. All entrants must have registered in advance and checked in at the Skitz_Cosplay booth in Cosplay Corner before 4pm on Saturday!

Register for the contest here!!


April 30, 2018

Loren Lester, the voice behind Dick Grayson/Nightwing/Robin on Batman: The Animated Series, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, Batman and Harley Quinn, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, The New Batman Adventures and really a ton more, seriously checkout his IMDB page cause he was also voice behind Barbecue on G.I. Joe and Iron Fist from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is coming to Comic Con Revolution Ontario, May 19th (Saturday Only)!

Sounds like the title of a new comic book: Nightwing and the Inland Empire Looking forward to meeting my fans there for our largest Batman: The Animated Series Reunion to date!

Order your advanced tickets now!!


April 17, 2018

Comic Con Revolution, the Inland Empires only comic convention is pleased to announce that legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy, who has provided the iconic Batman voice since 1993 will be appearing at Comic Con Revolution on Saturday May 19. Joining Conroy for this rare appearance is celebrated casting and voice director Andrea Romano.

Conroy has been the voice of The Dark Knight since the launch of the groundbreaking debut of Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and has gone on to record the voice of DC Comics most recognizable hero in Warner Bros. animated films, the Batman Beyond series, both Justice League animated series, the critically acclaimed Arkham series of video games and more. In total, Conroy has appeared as the Batman well over 300 times and has portrayed him longer than anyone else.

Get your advanced tickets now!!


April 17, 2018

Romano has well over 100 casting and voice directing credits dating back over 30 years. She is the driving force behind the voices of the animated DC Comics movies as well as many other Warner Bros. properties. Her credits include Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justin League Unlimited, Teen Titans, Superman: The Animated Series, Scooby Doo, Pinky and the Brain and many more. Romano has also contributed to some of animations most beloved animated series including Avatar: The Last Airbender, DuckTales (1987), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) and Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016).

"Looking forward to meeting the fans at Comic Con Revolution. Come say hi and get an autographed picture," said Romano.

Get your advanced tickets now!!


November 30, -0001

Special screening of Deadpool 2 with writer Fabian Nicieza

Friday, May 18th at 10am (local Ontario Theater)

Comic Con Revolution, the Inland Empires only comic book convention is hosting a screening of DEADPOOL 2 and Q&A with the character co-creator, writer Fabian Nicieza prior to the movie. The screening will take place on the day the film opens across the country, May 18, 2018 AT 10 AM PT at a local Ontario Theater. Ticket packages for this one time only event are tiered, but if you want more info on packages and prices, you'll have to check the link! All packages include a ticket to the screening, an autograph card and Comic Con Revolution Enamel Pin. Tickets are limited first come first serve.

Get your tickets here! (Act fast, this is a limited event!!)

Click here for more news...

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