April 2, 2019

Steve J. Palmer a.k.a. Bill Williamson from RED DEAD REDEMPTION I & II joins the Revolution this May 18th & 19th! He's not only the voice but he was the motion capture artist as well.

If you didn't know, Steve J. Palmer is an actor best known for portraying hot-blooded and short-tempered Van der Linde Gang enforcer Bill Williamson for Rockstar Games RED DEAD REDEMPTION (2010), RED DEAD REDEMPTION II (2018), and the FOX Network Special RED DEAD REDEMPTION: The Man From Blackwater. Not only does his other acting credits include SHOWTIMES HOUSE OF LIES, HBOs DEADWOOD, and voiceovers for programming on both the Discovery Channel and History Channel, Steves dabbled in the writing department for comic book indie label ATOMIC BASEMENT (Z-Blade XX, The Ghosts of Marko Darc).

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